Neck Through (950x100x50mm)-(1200x105x50mm)

The neck through are regularly used to manufacture the electric basses by assembling the neck between the two parts of the guitar body, giving it more stability to the instrument, many manufacturers who opt for this option because they affirm that this provides more sustain to the instrument.
The neck of the guitar has the function of transmitting the vibrations from the strings to the body, this makes it very important to choose the right wood to use in the neck. In addition to choosing a wood for its acoustic properties we will have to keep in mind the tension caused by the strings and select a rigid wood, but at the same time easy to mold for a perfect finish.
Currently, some of the most commonly used woods are Maple, Mahogany, Honduras Cedar, WengeIndian RosewoodAfrican Mahogany or Padauk, all these woods meet the appropriate acoustic conditions to manufacture quality Neck Through handles for Electric Bass.

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