Electric Bass (850x85x30mm)-(850x105x30mm)

The electric bass necks that we have in this category are long 85 cm, these necks are usually used to assemble on the bass body in the traditional way, that is, screwed to the body of the guitar.
The electric bass necks are subject to a lot of tension, this tension is due to the strings and the constant wear caused by the guitarist, which is why it is necessary that the wood used be rigid, and in turn has the stability necessary to withstand all the tension. In the electric bass necks, reinforcement souls are usually used inside the neck to give stability and correct the possible curvature that may occur in the future.

The most used woods for these necks are Maple, Mahogany, Honduras Cedar, WengePadaukAfrican Mahogany or Indian Rosewood, all these woods get together the appropriate conditions to manufacture quality necks for Electric Bass.

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