Mango Hard Maple 850x85x35 mm

Hard Maple Electric Bass Neck (850x85x30 mm)

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  • Dimensions: 850x85x30 mm
  • Botanical Name: Acer saccharum
  • Origin: Europe and Asia
  • Density: 640 kg/m3
  • Quality: These pieces are not classified by qualities and are included within a medium standard of quality, in other words, when we select them we reject the cracked pieces, with serious defects, or broken or useless ones. Therefore, we will always find good pieces that can have some slight defect, nice pieces, or pieces less attractive, always taking in account variations in colour or growth rings that each wood specie may have.

    Neck is an essential part of the instrument, it must support the tension of the strings, so when talking about necks pieces will be cut at 90 degrees except on hard maple, due to its hardness, normally they are cut the other way around.

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Hard Maple
19 Items


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Hard Maple Electric Bass Neck (850x85x30 mm)

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