Machine Heads

The tuners, particularly those of guitars and basses, are that part of the instrument used to tighten or loosen the strings, in order to keep it in tune.

The machine heads work similarly to a screw: to make us a little idea, turning each of its pieces we press or loosen the strings of the instrument.

That said, it is more than obvious the importance of having good machine heads. In Maderas Barber we have tuners for Classical Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, Bandurria, Lute and Bass, all of them with the highest quality. Choose yours from the wide variety we have of Schaller, Gotoh, Van Gent and Ping Well brands.

Discover Machine Heads or Tuners from Maderas Barber: a large variety to choose from.

Machine Heads 


  • Electric / Acoustic Guitar Machine Heads

    The importance of the acoustic guitar machine head or Tuner is not much different from other types of guitar since machine heads have much more to tell from sound. Getting to know all different models available help us to really know which tuner is the one for our instrument. In Maderas Barber we have several models in different qualities and dimensions for our customers.

  • Electric Bass Machine Heads

    Electric bass tuning machines are placed on the top part of the instrument, on the neck head. Normally they look like metal keys. Its main goal is to hold and to tighten the Electric Bass strings through a screw mechanism that rotates on its axis. In some models it has a hole and in others a small aperture where you introduce the end of the string. When the string is inside the hole you have to turn it till you adjust the tension. Sound changes from deep to high pitched and vice versa.

    In Maderas Barber we wanted to focus on the luthier ‘s needs. We provide you in our store different models in different qualities and colours to meet the guitar maker demand.