Electric / Acoustic Guitar Machine Heads

The importance of the acoustic guitar machine head or Tuner is not much different from other types of guitar since machine heads have much more to tell from sound. Getting to know all different models available help us to really know which tuner is the one for our instrument. In Maderas Barber we have several models in different qualities and dimensions for our customers.

Electric / Acoustic Guitar Machine Heads 


  • Gotoh Machine Heads for Electric /...
  • Schaller Machine Heads Electric / Acoustic...
  • Ping Well Machine Heads for Electric /...
  • Kluson Machine Heads For Electric Guitar

    Until the 60s Kluson manufactured countless quantities of guitar and bass tuners for Fender®, Gibson®, Epiphone® and many other companies, setting a milestone into guitar history. Being one of the first geared tuners had a cost—the quality was better than the tuners of the 40’s but not what we expect today. However even after all the years of abuse by guitar players many are still working, a testament to the quality of the workmanship from the Chicago factory .


    We have taken the iconic design of the tuners and gave them the proper gearing that they deserved. The 50’s designs that we all love with the mechanisms of today for a tuner that not only looks good, it feels good!

    Our "Vintage-Classic" models use the original gear ratio of 1:15, all closed-type tuners (with or without locking mechanism) work a little more fine using  an 1:18 gear. The locking mechanisms of our 2 different types of locking tuners have safety catches and can never get lost by turning loose of the housings

  • Perona Machine Heads Electric / Acoustic...

    Perona tuners are at the forefront of the high-end acoustic and electric guitar peg market. Perona tuners are handmade by Perona Guitar with innovative features such as string poles made from specialized composite material for precise tuning. The ratio of the precision gears is 18:1. We are talking about beautifully engraved and hand-polished pieces. These tunings are suitable for use on both electric guitars and many steel-stringed instruments.

    Perona Guitar and Maderas Barber have begun to collaborate in 2015 to offer these exclusive tunings, which you can only find in Maderas Barber.