Honduras Cedar (CITES)

Honduras cedar is one of the most used woods for the guitar neck construction, in our case for the Archtop guitar. It is a strong wood and not very heavy. Good tonal qualities. It has a distinct and lingering fragrance.

Discover Honduras cedar necks for Archtop guitar in Maderas Barber and fall in love with this characteristic wood.

BOTANIC NAME: Cedrela odorata.

COMMON NAMES : Honduras Cedar, Spanish Cedar.

ORIGIN: Brazil.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 450-600 Kg/m3. Heartwood is a relatively uniform  light pinkish to reddish brown; colours tend to darken with age. Random pockets of gum and natural oils are commonly present. Grain patterning and figure tends to be somewhat bland. Grain is straight or shallowly interlocked. Medium texture .

Has a distinct, lingering, cedar-like scent. Cedar wood dust has been reported as a respiratory irritant.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Cedar is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. However, due to its low density and softness, it tends to leave fuzzy surfaces if not machined with sharp cutters; extra sanding up to finer grits may be required to obtain a smooth wood surface.

Natural gum pockets can remain wet and may ooze out onto the surrounding surface, which can clog and gum up saw blades.

DRYING: Dries fast. It must be dry at low temperatures.

USES: Guitar backs and sides. Necks, heels and reinforcement. Electric guitar body, electric bass body .

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