Electric Bass Kits

Who hasn't dreamed of building their own electric bass? How many times have you thought that you could do it yourself? Maderas Barber offers you the possibility of having an instrument built by you, whether you are a professional luthier or you are just starting out.

The electric bass kits have a lime tree body, the lime tree is one of the most used woods in the construction of this instrument, it is a low density wood that gives it lightness. Besides the body of Lime tree, these Kits contain all the pieces of wood and all the necessary ironworks to finish the instrument.

Some parts like the neck or the body are practically finished, in the case of the neck both the fingerboard and the frets are already assembled and glued. The bodies are machined with precision Numerical Control machines which makes the assembly of the parts even easier.

Discover the electric bass kit options that MB offers you.


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