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The history of Fender, linked to Maderas Barber

Almost concurrently with the founding of Maderas Barber, a company destined to alter the course of the electric guitar was born in the United States: Fender. The company that would shape the future of electric guitars for the next 60 years. Fender is arguably the brand that has had the greatest impact on the popularity, innovation and renewal of electric guitars since its inception.

Leo Fender introduced several innovations, but we consider two of them to be radical. The use of bolt-on necks on his guitars and basses and the use of woods such as Ash and Alder for the bodies. Unheard of at the time, it is now an industry standard used by countless manufacturers.

More than 60 years later, Fender remains a leader in its industry and continues to honor that legacy. Fidelity to the original design is unquestioned and found in many of its products. But at the same time, it has managed to incorporate new materials and designs into the catalog without ever losing its character.

What finished Fender parts can you buy at Maderas Barber?

Fender offers some of the bodies and neck models used in their instruments over the years. In our online store you will find Fender finished necks and bodies for guitars and electric basses. Some of the woods used are Alder, Maple, Indian Rosewood and Pau Ferro. Fender finished parts offer a combination of products to build a custom guitar.

We offer you more than 50 different models of necks to combine with our Fender finished bodies or with our MB Exclusive finished bodies. All the necks and bodies we offer are compatible. No additional adjustments or operations are required to fit the neck and body together.

You can also find a multitude of accessories such as pickups, pickguards or Fender saddles to build up your guitar or replace it due to wear or breakage.




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