The legendary guitars Fender

Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass,
Jazzbass, Jaguar, Jazzmaster...

Almost simultaneously to the founding of Maderas Barber, a company appeared in the USA that would mark the future of the electric guitar for the next 60 years, with a legacy that continues to this day and is still one of the -if not the first- most relevant brands in the world market. We are talking about Fender, undoubtedly the brand that has had the greatest influence on the popularization, innovation and renewal of the electric guitar since its creation.

Introduction to Fender history

In the 1950s, Leo Fender revolutionized guitar building by repairing tube amplifiers. Fender's history began in Fullerton, California, with the launch of iconic models such as the Telecaster, Precision bass, Stratocaster, Jazz Bass, Jaguar and Jazzmaster. These instruments, along with their amplifiers, quickly became resounding successes.

Leo Fender introduced two radical innovations in guitar design. The first was the use of bolt-on necks, which is now an industry standard. The second was the use of unconventional materials, such as ash and alder, in guitar and bass bodies. These decisions laid the foundation for the future of the electric guitar.

Despite more than 60 years of existence, Fender remains a leader in its industry and maintains the legacy of its founder. While remaining true to the original designs, they have also incorporated new materials and designs without losing their essence. This ability to adapt has been key to their continued success.

Fender also stands out for its Custom Shop, where the best builders experiment with different materials and electronics to create high quality guitars. Fender's Custom Shop is recognized worldwide and has driven the trend of artificial aging of instruments, known as "relic", perfecting it for more than twenty years.

Fender Parts at Maderas Barber

For years, Fender has made available to the public a selection of body and neck models used in its instruments. These parts are useful for many different purposes: from the luthier looking to replace an irreparably damaged original neck, to the guitarist who already has a Fender body or neck that he loves, but wants to change the contour, radius or color of a particular part. At Maderas Barber, we offer a wide variety of Fender parts that will fit your needs perfectly.

Our collection of Fender parts offers an additional advantage: the ease of interchangeability that bolt-on bodies provide. All of the necks and bodies we offer are compatible, which means you won't have to make any additional adjustments or modifications to ensure a perfect fit between body and neck. This compatibility guarantees a play-free installation.

Fender Necks: Excellence in Maderas Barber

At Maderas Barber, we have at your disposal a wide diversity of Fender parts, including a variety of models and colors of Fender necks, specially designed for the legendary Telecaster® and Stratocaster®. Our catalog includes popular options such as the Vintera Mod '60s, '50s or '70s models with roasted maple finishes.

Stratocaster necks: Choose perfection for your guitar

At Maderas Barber, we offer you a selection of necks specially designed for Stratocaster, so you can find the perfect complement for your guitar. Two outstanding options are:

  • Toasted Maple neck with C-profile: Inspired by the necks used in the 70's, this type of neck is characteristic of the CBS era. It features a 9.5" fingerboard radius and twenty-one half-jumbo frets. Although originally designed for three-bolt plates, the holes have been adapted to allow for trouble-free mounting on four-bolt bodies. The back of the neck features a satin finish, providing a smooth playing feel.
  • Toasted Maple Neck with 22 Jumbo Frets: This neck has been designed with a 12-inch fingerboard radius, giving you more room to move around the fretboard. It incorporates all the necessary features for optimal performance, both in terms of comfort and access to the higher frets.

Telecaster Neck Options: The Key to Building Your Perfect Guitar

When you are building your own Telecaster guitar, the choice of neck is fundamental, as it influences both the playing feel and the resulting sound. At Maderas Barber, we present two neck options that are ideal for you to build your custom Telecaster guitar:

  • Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard - American Standard: This neck, part of the renowned American Standard series, features 22 frets, a modern "C" profile and a medium radius. It also incorporates the micro tilt system, which allows you to easily adjust the neck angle for optimal action. The back of the neck has a satin finish that provides a smooth and comfortable playing feel.

  • Toasted Maple Neck - Vintera Series: This neck is part of the prestigious Vintera series and features 21 frets, a smooth "V" profile and a 9.5-inch radius. At the heel of the neck, you will find the access to the core, which facilitates the necessary adjustments. On the headstock, the iconic Fender logo in "spaghetti" style stands out. The neck finish is glossy on the front, but satin polyurethane has been used on the back to provide a comfortable playing feel.

Fender Bass Neck Options: Find Your Perfect Match

If you are passionate about music and enjoy building your own bass, at Maderas Barber we have the ideal Fender neck options for you. We know that every detail counts when it comes to creating a unique and quality instrument, that's why we offer a carefully designed selection of necks for you to build the bass of your dreams.

  • Maple Neck and Santos Rosewood Fretboard - Standard Series: This neck combines the beauty of maple with the warmth and strength of the santos rosewood fingerboard. With 20 medium jumbo frets and the iconic white dot inlays, this neck not only provides a smooth and comfortable playing experience, but also adds a touch of style to your creation.

  • Maple Neck with 9.5-Inch Radius: If you're looking for a versatile neck that suits different musical styles, this option is perfect for you. With a 9.5-inch radius, this neck offers an ideal combination of comfort and playability. Its 20 medium jumbo frets will allow you to explore the full tonal range of your bass with ease and precision.

Fender Stratocaster Bodies: Power and versatility in your hands

One of the body highlights for the Stratocaster is the HSH milled body. Unlike the traditional body with six holes in the bridge and classic routing, this new body is constructed of alder and is available in sunburst finish. The most interesting thing about this body is its HSH milling, which means that it is prepared to accommodate a double pickup, single pickup and double pickup configuration. In addition, its design is intended to accommodate a twin-screw bridge. 

Telecaster Bodies: Classic Style and Legendary Sound

If you're a Telecaster lover, we offer the Olympic White alder body from Fender's Classic Series. Alderwood is known for its resonance and balanced tone, and this body is no exception. Its Olympic White finish gives it an elegant and timeless look. The body design includes typical Telecaster routing and strings across the body, which helps maximize sustain and resonance. With this body, you can enjoy the classic style and legendary sound of the Telecaster.

Precision Bass Bodies: Elegance and versatility for your bass lines