MB Exclusive, the best pieces of our stock.

We launch MB Exclusive, our own brand for the best pieces we have in stock

There is no doubt that looking for the perfect wood to create a guitar is an arduous task that every luthier must do before starting to make it.

Surely you know what we are talking about: many hours to research woods, compare their tonal qualities and, finally, find the aesthetic that makes your guitar a unique instrument.

At Maderas Barber we want to make your work easier and we launch MB exclusive, our own brand of unique pieces and finished parts. A project born at the request of customers. A project in which the exclusivity of each instrument is the goal.

Why go for an MB exclusive piece?

  1. We have professionals specialized in the choice of wood.
  2. We carefully select each piece based on its level of quality, beauty and uniqueness.
  3. We work with state-of-the-art machines to achieve the optimal finish of each product.
  4. We carry out strict quality controls to ensure that the parts meet all requirements.

How to recognize an MB exclusive product?

Each MB Exclusive product is marked with the brand's seal to easily identify them and certify their quality and exclusivity.

There are two categories that you can find within the MB exclusive brand and we detail them below.


1. Unique pieces

If you want a unique guitar in the world, the unique MB exclusive pieces are just what you need to differentiate your instrument from all the others.

Chosen one by one by experts in wood selection, these pieces are the most spectacular you can find in our stock.


What are the advantages of unique MB exclusive pieces? Whichever you buy, they all come:


In the case of the bottoms and rings, we previously select the ones that best match according to their colour, fiber and shape.


Using our state-of-the-art dryer with a continuous vacuum system, we dry the wood to a humidity level between 8 and 10%.


We sand and calibrate the pieces to the exact size to obtain a flat surface, almost ready to varnish.

2. Finished parts

Are you thinking of creating your instrument from scratch? Or… maybe you need to repair your instrument and replace a single part?

With MB exclusive finished parts you will save time and ensure you get exactly the result you have in mind. 

Created in our central factory in Spain, we make these pieces using a state-of-the-art numerical control machine.  


What is the production process of these parts?

  1. We select the right wood for each piece.
  2. We dry it to stabilize humidity values ​​and ensure that the part can be used in the final product without problems.
  3. We carry out all the preparation phases, depending on the piece to be made.
  4. We use numerical control machines to achieve an optimum finish on each product.
  5. We make a final quality control and perform manual retouching on those parts that need it.

Creating your instrument with finished parts will never be as easy as it is now.


MB exclusive is born from our desire to provide the best pieces for the creation of unique instruments. If you are looking for these pieces, we invite you to try them for yourself.

We can guarantee the quality and beauty of these products, but it is best that you draw your own conclusions.

By purchasing an MB Exclusive part you ensure the highest quality for your instrument. In addition, you have a money back guarantee in case of any possible inconvenience.

So, what are you waiting for to order your MB exclusive part?

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