aged tops and necks

Aged tops and necks for authentic relic guitars

We all love to travel, to discover new places and new cultures. However, many of us would like to travel back to a bygone era.

What if we told you that you could travel back in time, back to the first half of the 20th century and discover the most emblematic guitars of that time?

Thanks to the aged wood, nowadays we can bring the most historical models of classic, acoustic and electric guitars to the present day. How? By creating perfect replicas of the guitars of those times. That's why we are launching two new key products in the manufacture of relic guitars. Aged Red Cedar tops for classic and acoustic guitars.

Wood ageing process

There are different ways to age wood, but we bet on one specific method.

Are you curious about how we age wood?

Below we explain the whole ageing process that makes it possible to obtain wood with a vintage look, ideal for replicating the wear and tear and the passage of time in a new guitar.

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We extract the wood's humidity in vacuum dryers to ensure a perfect drying


The wood is treated with ammonia gas using an autoclave. This gas penetrates the wood and a chemical reaction takes place between the ammonia gas and the tannic acid in the wood structure.


We cover and store the pieces for a week at a temperature of 20ºC to allow the fixation and stabilisation of the treatment.

Aged red cedar tops

aged red cedar top

After going through the aging process with ammonia gas, these red cedar tops completely change their appearance from a reddish colour to a brown colour that perfectly imitates the passage of time.

These tops are ideal for those who want to play romantic music and are looking for an instrument with a vintage look, that provides sustained chords with full bass. Definitely a warm and smooth sound

red cedar look vs aged red cedar look

Aged Maple necks

aged maple necks

If your guitar or electric bass could talk, it would probably ask for one of our new aged maple necks.

Why? The hardness and strength of this wood give the instrument a bright, clear tone, more clarity and volume. Plus, with that cool vintage look, what guitar wouldn't want to look like the best-known guitars in history?

Choose the size you want and go for that relic guitar you have in mind.

aged maple necks sizes

More products to achieve a 100% aged look on your guitar

If vintage guitars have made you feel nostalgic, emotional and you want to create your own now, here are some other products to get a 100% aged look on your guitar.

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