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High-end Gotoh machine heads to master your guitar tuning

Every skilled guitarist needs to perfectly master the tuning of his guitar and every good luthier must equip his instruments with the best machine heads. After all, both are looking for a clear and defined sound that can only be achieved with a quality machine head.

But what is a quality machine head? For us, quality depends on the technology used, the materials and the finishes. That's why this time we bring you a wide range of high-end Gotoh machine heads and bridges, with new finishes, new posts and new exclusive buttons, made of real mother of pearl and very exotic woods.

But what's the best thing about these new Gotoh machine heads? Undoubtedly, their solid lubrication and Rock Solid technologies.


The application of a solid lubricant coating to the screw reduces the friction with  the gear wheel and increases the durability of the machine head.


The solid lubricant covers both the screw and the gearwheel, resulting in a smoother gearing.


This technology gives stability to the posts of your machine head. The special spring under the string post prevents vibration and prevents string balance.

Stability, durability and excellent tuning are the three factors to consider when choosing a quality machine heads. Let's review together the high ranges of Gotoh machine heads for classical, acoustic, electric guitars, basses and ukuleles, as well as bridges for electric basses.

Machine heads for classic guitars

Line 35G510

Gotoh machine heads for classic guitars line 35G510

Crafted from hard aluminum or brass, these machine heads are some of the lightest on the market, weighing 70g less than conventional machine heads. Each one is carefully finished by skilled artisans and are among the most loved by musicians around the world. They have a 1:16 gear ratio and employ Lubri-Plate and Rock Solid technologies.

In this line we can find two beautiful models with floral patterns, with black or gold finish that can be combined with natural mother-of-pearl buttons to give your guitar a touch of elegance.

Gotoh machine heads for classic guitars 35G510

Line 35G1800

Gotoh machine heads for classic guitars line 35G1800

This line of machine heads offers improved precision gearing, a 35mm pitch, a gold-plated aluminium shaft and a gear ratio of 1:14. They also use Rock Solid technology for the posts. Made from solid brass, they are available in a gold finish and can be combined with ebony or other material buttons.

Machine heads for acoustic guitars

Line KG02N

Gotoh machine heads for acoustic guitars line KG02N

Their designs are based on the structure of traditional classic machine heads, which have been improved to give it greater durability.

Its gold finish and natural mother-of-pearl buttons turns this machine head line in one of Gotoh's most elegant lines.

Line SGV510

These machine heads feature a 1:21 gear ratio and offer a good balance between tuning speed and accuracy. Plus, they come with standard posts that use Rock Solid technology to eliminate potential rattle. Three finishes are available (gold, nickel and chrome) and you can choose between Ziricote, Riogrande Parisandre and Ebony buttons.

Line SG301

Gotoh machine heads for acoustic guitars line SG301

This line of tuners are equipped with Gotoh's own "Magnum" locking technology, which uses a knurled wheel on the back of the machine head to safely hold the string in place. This mechanism also allows very quick string changes. You can choose between chrome or black chrome finish with aluminium or wood buttons.

Line SEP700

The machine heads of this series are easy yo install and operate and do not use counter bearings. They are made of steel, so any instrument that sounds dull will gain shine. The model we are launching is finished in nickel and has zinc buttons.

Gotoh machine heads for acoustic guitars line SEP700

Machine heads and bridges for electric basses

Machine heads

Gotoh machine heads for electric basses

These machine heads belong to Gotoh's RES-O-LITE series and use a special "Duraluminium" alloy. What does this mean? The machine heads are lighter and relieve the weight of the headplates, thus avoiding neck dive. The two new models we add to our catalogue are nickel and cosmo black finished and have a 1:28 gear ratio.


These bridges from Gotoh's Multi-tonal series use a hard zinc base plate and brass saddles, allowing for a more balanced high, mid, and low tone. In addition, they are suitable for both top-loaded and string-bodied basses. The two models for 5 or 6 string electric bass are chrome finished.

Gotoh bridges for electric basses

Machine heads for ukuleles

Gotoh machine heads for ukuleles

These machine heads have the same appearance as the classic friction ones, however, they use a planetary gear which allows a more precise and smoother tuning. Thanks to the central gear and several smaller gears that rotate around it, there is no need to tighten or loosen screws as in friction gears. This gold-plated machine head with orange-coloured buttons is a must-have for all ukulele lovers.

Now that you already know a large part of the Gotoh high-end machine heads, it's time to consider which one your instrument needs and try it out for yourself.

Want to see more Gotoh brand machine heads?

Gotoh is a very broad brand of machine heads, both for classical and acoustic guitars, as well as for electric guitars and basses and other stringed musical instruments. In our catalog you will find Gotoh machine heads in different ranges and combinations of colors, finishes, post and buttons, which allows you to have a personalized machine head that fits perfectly with your instrument.

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