Amara Ebony

Although it is not very renowned, Amara Ebony is an exotic wood with excellent physical and acoustic qualities. Its high density is perfect for the back of a classic guitar, and acoustically, an Amara Ebony back adds a low sound and high volume.

In short, Amara Ebony has similar proprieties than African Ebony, but with a different appearance, because it is less homogenous than its African brother.

In Maderas Barber we place at your disposal Amara Ebony backs for Classic Guitar of high quality. Just discover this exotic wood and its beautiful tones.

BOTANIC NAME: Diospyros Celebica


ORIGIN:  Asia.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 1100-1300 Kg/m3. Sapwood colour goes from white to reddish brown. Heartwood is dark with different black colours with some bright stripes and green colour. Compare to the Makassar Ebony it is more opaque and less shinny.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Tends to be difficult to work with due to its high density. Blunting effect on cutters. It is slightly easier to work with than the Makasssar Ebony.

DRYING: Drying process must be slow to prevent cracks.  Wooden parts can become deformed.

USES:  Guitar backs and sides.

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