“The best wood comes from trees that have grown very slowly, adding a thin ring of dense growth each year.
Long winters and cool summers are better for slow growth …”

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Wood for Musical Instruments

Maderas Barber has extensive experience providing timber for guitars and other musical instruments. Our woods are specially selected from the best quality and are distributed among manufacturers of guitars, violins, etc..

We offer product aimed at both the artisan manufacturer or luthier that requires high quality woods such as industrial manufacturer with an extensive need for supply and compliance deadlines.

  • Over 50 years experience

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Wide range of prices

  • Own mills in different countries

  • Over 100 different species

  • Commercial offices worldwide

  • Complete online store

  • Absolute respect for the environment

Global Presence

We are present in a large number of countries having own sawmills and commercial offices to distribute our wood worldwide.

Online Shop

At our online store you can purchase any of our wood for musical instruments easily.

Periodic News

Through our website you will learn the latest news and around the world of the woods for guitars and other instruments.

Wide range of woods in our catalog

We import timber from anywhere in the world, constantly expanding the number of species in our catalog.

Tonewood for luthiers

Our customers include manufacturers from five continents, from the most renowned luthiers to large manufacturers. They appreciate the best materials, which will directly influence the quality of sound and musical instruments.

  • Maderas Barber is recognized worldwide in the world of wood for musical instruments. It is important that our customers trust us, and this is the best guarantee for a company like ours.
    Our customers for timber are manufacturers worldwide.

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December discounts come back!

DECEMBER DISCOUNTS IN MADERAS BARBER! A MONTH FULL OF SURPRISES!  December is a month of family gatherings, special days and gifts, many gifts. In Maderas Barber we did not want to be left behind: we want to make this month of expenses and commitments more bearable for you and to make you enjoy the Christmas…



Fall in love with our Japanese Tools!

Witness the new amazing Japanese Tools we have in Maderas Barber! When we talk about Japanese carpentry, we talk about an art appreciated and valued by wood professionals; and as good craftsmen, they need good tools. Japanese tools are characterized by their level of customization, the use of quality metals, their functionality, and their sharpness and…



New Custom Sets

DISCOVER THE NEW CUSTOM SETS WE HAVE FOR YOU Due to September arrival, we believe that it is necessary to enjoy unique and different things, this is why we have been working all summer in offering new custom sets for tonewood lovers. In this occasion we come up with more than 70 new custom with exotic…


Maderas Barber – Summer 10% Discount

10% discount in Maderas Barber

We inform you! Summer is coming to Maderas Barber and with it a 10% discount and some changes… do not miss them!


Maderas Barber – Sales

New section: SALES!

IN MADERAS BARBER WE HAVE A NEW SECTION: SALES! DISCOVER THEM! Did you ever dream in getting the most precious and exotic woods at an unbeatable price? This is your opportunity. Don’t miss it. In Maderas Barber we believe you can take out profit of all timbers, that’s why we are launching this new range…


Maderas Barber – Kits and Finished Parts

Maderas Barber continues growing with Kits and Finished Parts!

Two new ranges: Kits and Finished Parts! We have always believed that taste lies in variety, that’s why we always try our best so that you can find what you need among our products with a stock that is growing day by day. This time we have gone one step further with our Kits and Finished Parts,…



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