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Vega-Trem was born from guitarist Isaac Vega's passion for the electric guitar. He spent thousands of hours performing on stage. This experience is the key to understanding how the Vega-Trem project was born and matured. It preserves the spirit of guitarists who love their craft and their instrument. For this reason, the respect in all Vega-Trem products is maximum in all processes.

Vega started playing guitar at the age of ten and his life has always revolved around music. He studied classical and modern guitar, worked for more than a decade as a roadie on tours of top artists in his country, has been a professional guitarist for the last ten years and even had his own music academy.

All this professional background has helped him to understand perfectly what respect and veneration for the guitar means. Isaac Vega shows a deep respect for all those artisans who reinvented the guitar to turn it into an icon of our time. Veneration to forms and timbres that have seduced several generations and continue to do so today. 

Andrés Salleras and Isaac Vega are the founders of the company Vega-Trem. They market the VT1 Ultra Trem and VT2 Teletrem floating bridge for the legendary Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars.

The floating bridge invented by Salleras and Vega improves the sound. It favors the mobility of the instrument to achieve greater and longer lasting vibratos without damaging it. For this purpose, it has a mechanism designed to work in both positions.

The creators of this bridge have managed to make them of a smaller size so that they can fit in the natural groove of the guitar.

In addition to this, its ease of insertion allows it to be placed by the musician himself, without the need to resort to a workshop.

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