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Discover excellence in the world of lutherie with SUMMIT ®, the leading brand in professional tools. Developed in collaboration between the renowned SEVER team and the prestigious Unior Company, Zreče, SUMMIT ® represents an innovative line of tools made from the finest materials.

SUMMIT ® professional luthier tools have been designed to exceed your expectations in durability, precision and quality. Each tool has been meticulously created and produced in the EU, guaranteeing the highest manufacturing standards.

With a long history of building and repairing guitars, SUMMIT® is the result of their specialized knowledge in the field. They have discovered that many instrument repairs can be solved quickly and easily with the use of the right tool.

The Summit line features an ergonomic design, allowing the luthier to have total control over their work and achieve exceptional results. In addition, SUMMIT® tools are designed in an innovative and specific way, which will allow you to save time in each procedure.

Dive into our extensive SUMMIT® tool catalog, which offers a variety of more than 40 different options. You'll find pliers, wrenches, fret cutters, hammers, clamps, levelers and many other specialized tools for detailed work.

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