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Göldo is a very powerful German company that was founded in 1991 by Dieter Gölsdorf and was the successor of Rockinger, the last one being a pioneer in the production of self-designed spare parts for musicians and Rockinger guitar enthusiasts.

Dieter Gölsdorf made such globally important products as: the first bass and electric guitar kits, the first humbucker-sized p90 pickup, the first fine-tuned tremolo known as Tru Tune Tremolo and many more, revolutionising the guitar parts market in Germany to become a more comprehensive and expert company, becoming Göldo music GmbH.

Within the products we have available, you can choose between: tune-o-matic, humbucker, vintage, bass bridges and others.

Göldo Music is a wholesale company that offers high quality guitar parts from their own and other manufacturers, in addition to sophisticated and sought-after workshop tools.

Some of the products developed by Göldo Music appear today under their own brand names, such as: Göldo(guitar tremolos and pickups), Duesenberg(guitars, hardware, amplifiers, effects pedals), Diego(guitars, hardware), Roger(guitars and electric guitar pickups).

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