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Kluson® Manufacturing Company, founded in 1925 by John Edward Kluson, grew from a small machine shop to become the leading supplier of tuners, tailpieces, brackets, bushings and other stringed instrument parts to the music industry.

Produced from the 1940s through the 1960s. WD® Music Products Vice President Larry Davis purchased the Kluson® brand in 1993 after the original Kluson® Manufacturing Company closed its doors in the early 1980s.

With little historical information beyond a few old catalogs, Larry Davis decided to rebuild the Kluson® brand based on its historical heritage. He began with a redesign of the Kluson® Vintage Stamped Steel Tuning Pins. These new Kluson® tuners are historically accurate, technology-enhanced versions of the highly regarded stamped steel tuners of the past, with higher gear ratios and the best materials available. This modus operandi was applied to the production of other Kluson® products, including the #9 tailpiece and Waffleback® tuners. Re-establishing relationships with most of the major instrument manufacturers, Kluson® once again began supplying its iconic tuning pegs for Custom Shop instruments worldwide.

The ever-expanding Kluson® catalog brings the brand into the 21st century and now includes new versions of traditional and contemporary tuning pegs. Brackets and other American-made hardware have been added, all with the uncompromising quality and historical accuracy that Larry Davis has always strived for. Restoring the Kluson® brand to history has always been the primary goal, and history is now being written.

To celebrate the 91st anniversary of Kluson®, four new series of tuners have been added to the Kluson® range. These models are suitable for owners of both modern and vintage instruments, with improved performance and no installation modifications required. The Kluson® Locking Vintage Stamped Steel, Supreme, Revolution (winner of the 2015 NAMM Guitar World Best Guitar Award) and Vintage Diecast Firebird® line of tuners represent a new chapter in the history of the iconic Kluson® brand. As the demand for stringed instrument parts grows, Kluson® designs each new product to deliver performance, ease of installation and total confidence in quality.

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