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Almost at the same time that Maderas Barber was founded in the United States, Fender appeared.

The company that would shape the future of electric guitars for the next 60 years. Fender is perhaps the brand that has most influenced the popularity, innovation and renovation of electric guitars since its beginnings.

Californian Leo Fender turned to building guitars after a few years repairing and building tube amplifiers. The history of this historic company starts with a small factory in Fullerton, California, when Leo launched several models in the 1950s and achieved immediate success: we are talking about Telecaster, Precision bass, Stratocaster, Jazzbass, Jaguar, Master of Jazz. etc. The list is staggering and doesn't even take into account the amplifiers he also pioneered.

Fender introduces a number of innovations, but we think two of them are radical. He uses bolt-on necks for his guitars and basses, and woods like Ash and Alder for the body.

It was unheard of at the time, but is now an industry standard used by countless manufacturers.

More than 60 years later, it remains a leader in its industry and continues to honor that legacy. Fidelity to the original design is unquestionable and is found in many of its products.

But at the same time, it managed to incorporate new materials and designs into the catalog without losing its character.

It is also a pioneer in the creation of a small workshop where some of the best electric guitar builders in the world experiment with materials, finishes and electronics to create the best pieces that a guitarist, whether professional or amateur, can find in the market. We are referring to the Custom Shop, synonymous with quality and a world reference in the construction of electric guitars.

They are creators of a trend in the artificial aging of bodies and necks. The "relic" look that they have been practicing for more than twenty years in their workshop.

What Fender products can you buy in Maderas Barber?

In Maderas Barber we are Fender distributors so you can find a variety of products.

We have Fender finished parts such as bodies and handles for guitar and electric bass. Pickups for electric guitars like the Fender Vintage Noiseless strat and also a Super Pickup Selector 5 Positions Tele/Strato.

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