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Fishman wants to help musicians achieve the most real sound possible when playing their musical instrument. 

The company's years of pursuit of perfection in professional sound and quality have helped them grow to become an industry leader in acoustic and electric instrument pickups, amplification, tone, modelling and MIDI or digital guitars.

Fishman is an American company based in Andover, Massachusetts. They are known for manufacturing guitar pickups and other guitar-related equipment. Their success lies in the production of equipment involved in the amplification of acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments.

In 1980, Larry Fishman built a prototype acoustic pickup in his basement.  A year later Fishman had received orders for pickups from the Guild Guitar Company. In 1982, guitar builders CF Martin bought Fishman pickups, which led Larry to rent a larger manufacturing space. So they began making pickups for other musical instruments: banjos, mandolins, violins, cellos, basses.

In 2012, the Fishman company began work on a new pickup for guitars. With circuit boards, the guitar pickup could be programmed Most guitar pickups are made with wire wrapped around a magnet: the Fishman Fluence pickup is a solid core (2 48-layer circuit boards) with a conventional magnet. This pickup represented a complete change in the electric guitar pickup. They called the new pickup Fishman Fluence.

Fishman used techniques previously employed in the aerospace and telecommunications industries to manufacture their pickup. In addition, Fishman hired Dr. Ching-Yu Lin to analyze and load the magnets used in its pickups. The company was able to control the consistency of the magnets, and the stacked solid-core parts of its pickups so that each pickup sounded the same.

Fishman began designing pickups for guitar manufacturers such as Paul Reed Smith, Fender and Gibson.

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