Manual del Luthier. Ramón Pinto Comas

Manual del Luthier. Ramón Pinto Comas

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Languaje: Spanish
Author: Ramón Pinto Comas
Pages: 208, with good quality paper, illustrated with photos and drawings in black and white.

  • Soft cardboard 275x192 mm
  • This book or manual explains to amateurs and beginners the basic and essential principles that a luthier must know about the handmade manufacture of violins.
  • Written in Spanish, it becomes an essential document in Spanish speaking countries, since most of the publications and texts about Violin Luthiers are in other languages and not always easy to find.
  • The manual includes a historical introduction which defines the origins of the violin and the first luthiers to build stringed instruments: the lute of the middle ages, known as "Luth" in French, and its craftsmen the "luthiers".
  • Then, the manual is developed through a script that specializes as you go through the different chapters: the measures of the violin, the woods which are used, the necessary tools, the templates and the molds to build this instrument.
  • This scheme is extended with very detailed information on the construction of each part of Violins, until it ends with its final finish. The text ends with a review of the most prestigious academies and schools for luthiers in the world.

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