El Violín,la Viola y el Violonchelo en la Lutheria

El Violín,la Viola y el Violonchelo en la Lutheria

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Language: Spanish

Author: José Ángel Chacón Tenllado

Pages: 120, with numerous color photographs, illustrations and sketches.

  • Binding in cardboard 303x215 mm
  • ISBN 978-84-616-4827-6
  • This book consists of a practical and professional manual on the construction of violins. It is a rigorous method, with details and step-by-step descriptions of each process.
  • Chacón uses his experience to explain meticulously the art of making musical string instruments, a trade that Chacón defines as the Crafts of Wood in Music.
  • Violin, Viola and Cello are three bow instruments, which have an identical structure in their different sizes and an equal number of components. Although each one has its particular sound and protagonism, the three are constructed in the same way. With a few exceptions, these instruments are made with Maple and Spruce woods. And for the elaboration of its complements, woods such as Ebony, Rosewood and Boj are used.
  • In this book all the processes are described magnificently: the selection and cutting of the wood, the elaboration of molds, the curved of the sides. And so, with all the successive processes, such as the varnishing of the instrument, the application of the backs, the dyeing and final finishing.
  • As an extra, the book also explains how to build an artisan caliper for wood and a work table suitable for luthiers.

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