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AA Honduras Cedar Classical Guitar Neck 25mm

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Overview AA Honduras Cedar Classical Guitar Neck 25mm:

Along with mahogany, cedar necks are still the first choice of the vast majority of guitar builders. The combination of its high resistance and low weight make cedar an ideal wood for the fundamental function expected from a neck: to support the tension exerted by the strings.

All the great guitar makers have used cedar in the necks of their guitars. The list would be endless if we had to mention them one by one. This universal use speaks volumes about the suitability of this wood for use in guitar necks. Its affordable price also makes it an affordable wood that anyone can use. From the beginner to the established builder, you can be sure to find a quality piece without incurring a great expense. Another reason for its popularity.

Honduran cedar is a soft wood with orange-brown tones, golden glints and a characteristic, pleasant smell. It has a very open pore (a filler is a must) and can be worked fantastically well. Although its availability has declined in recent decades, initiatives such as the FSC certification ensure a respectful and sustainable supply in the future.

You can choose from three grades in our cedar necks. In the AA grade, you will find necks with mainly straight grain and 90° cut or with little variation. Little defects such as discolorations, small moth holes or intense color streaks. As stiff and solid as the AAA grade, they will certainly provide a good result.


  • Dimensions: 650x85x25 mm
  • Botanical Name: Cedrela odorata
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Density: 450-600 Kg/m3

Requires CITES Certificate for export out of the European Union

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Honduras Cedar
47 Items


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AA Honduras Cedar Classical Guitar Neck 25mm

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