Viola Maple Neck

A Curly Maple Viola Neck

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Overview A Curly Maple Viola Neck:

Impossible not to marvel at the beauty of a curly maple viola neck. Centuries after its near-definitive design, maple is still the preferred wood of choice for necks. The reason is simple: maple is for all its qualities (physical, aesthetic, tonal) the best choice for multiple parts of the instrument. No matter what it is, neck, back, sides.... Maple is the essential material for bowed stringed instruments. Add to this the incredible aspect it has once varnished and you will understand why it is so successful.

Many apprentices or people interested in lutherie start using A grade necks in their first projects. These pieces have less curl than the higher grades, but are just as strong and stable. There may be some small knots or discoloration in the piece. But it will always be purely aesthetic and not structural considerations which determine their classification.


  • Dimensions: 330x80x60/42 mm
  • Botanical name: Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Origin: Center and East Europe
  • Density: 610–680 Kg/m3

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Curly Maple


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A Curly Maple Viola Neck

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