African Mahogany Neck
Mango de Samanguila
African Mahogany Neck
Mango de Samanguila

AA African Mahogany Classical Guitar Neck 22mm

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Overview AA African Mahogany Classical Guitar Neck 22mm:

Looking for an cost-effective alternative to mahogany? Try african mahogany wood.

African mahogany, also called khaya or acajou, is an african wood that has become popular in the last few decades. It is called so because of its visual and mechanical properties resemblance to American mahogany. Its use has become so widespread that we can find models of all major brands where this wood is used to replace its South American counterpart. Its availability and economic price make it a perfect choice for those who are starting in luthiery. The reason is clear: it is difficult to get more for the price.

African mahogany can range in color from pale pink to orange or light brown. It works well, regardless of whether we are talking about sawing, planing, gluing, staining, etc., although sometimes it's hard to sand due to its interlocked grain. It has a very open pore, which makes it essential to use a filler.

Its resistance and lightness make this wood a perfect candidate for classical guitar necks. It is not uncommon to see necks made of african mahogany on mid-range and even high-end guitars of many brands.

How do we grade African Mahogany?

In AA grade you will find excellent necks, with straight grain direction and free from flaws. They are one of the best choices for the construction of necks. African mahogany is, without a doubt, our best selling wood.


  • Dimensions: 650x85x22 mm
  • Botanical Name: Khaya ivorensis
  • Origin: Africa
  • Density: 490-530 kg/m3

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African Mahogany
196 Items


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AA African Mahogany Classical Guitar Neck 22mm

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