Zebrawood Classic Guitar Backs

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Drying process

Calibration process

  • Dimensions: (550x200x4 mm)x2 
  • Botanical Name: : Microberlinia brazzavilensis
  • Origin: Central Africa
  • Density: 790 kg/m3
  • Quality: These pieces are not classified by qualities and are included within a medium standard of quality, in other words, when we select them we reject the cracked pieces, with serious defects, or broken or useless ones. Therefore, we will always find good pieces that can have some slight defects, nice pieces, or pieces less attractive, always taking into account variations in colour or growth rings that each wood specie may have.


    In the case of Classic Guitar  Backs, even though most of the times we will find cut pieces with straight grain or quarter cut there will be also sometimes especially on the exotic woods like Cocobolo, Ziricote, Exotic Ebony and others, where we can find pieces partly flat cut due to the size of the trees. The cutting of these woods give the instrument an incredible beauty even though we know it is ideal for the sound and the instrument stability.

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