Birch wood for lathe
Birch wood for lathe
Birch wood for lathe
Birch wood for lathe

Spalted Birch wood for lathe

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  • Botanical NameBetula Pendula
  • Commercial Names: Birch wood, Bedul
  • Origin: Europe
  • Density: 640-670 Kg/m3
  • Description: It has black grains due to the fungus that penetrates the wet wood but this process is interrupted once the wood is dried. Ideal for lathe and knife handles. 
    Wood that contains natural waxes that make this wood waterproof. This wood that has a medium hardness, has a bending resistance when it has a natural drying. It is ideal for lathe and carving.

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  • Wood Description: The color varies from yellowish white to white orangish. The sapwood does not differ from the heartwood. The fiber is straight and the grain is fine. Its appearance can change due to the Agromyza carbonaria insect action. The wood’s sheet that are obtained from the trunks that have been attacked by this insect, are highly appreciated.
  • Recommendations: The machining does not present problems, but has a tendency to form a fluff of fibers and dull the tools which is normal.
  • Drying: It should dry quickly since it is susceptible to be degraded by the fungi attack.
  • Uses: Turning and sculpture, furniture and high-quality carpentry.

Spalted Birch Wood
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