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  • Botanical Name: Acacia Melanoxylon
  • Origin: Africa, Asia, South America.
  • Density: 640kg/m3

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BOTANICAL NAME: Acacia Melanoxylon

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Australian Blackwood

ORIGIN: Africa, South America and Asia

DESCRIPTION: It has a density of 640 kg/m3. The heartwood is golden brown and it acquires a darker glow upon completion. It can have black grains and also small color variations. The grain is usually straight or slightly intertwined.

SUGGESTIONS: You can easily work with hand and mechanical tools, although the carved wood and the pieces with interwined grain can cause some breakage. The Acacia twists but it can be glued and it ends well. It responds well to steam flexion.

DRYING: Drying does not present difficulties. It has a fast-drying speed. It presents slight risks of deformations and cracks.

USES: Soundboards for musical instruments, interior carpentry, woodwork.

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