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SINTOMS Set 12 of Nickel Silver frill...
SINTOMS Set 12 of Nickel Silver frill...

SINTOMS Set 12 of Nickel Silver frill frets 2,5mm extra hard

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General description of the SINTOMS Set 6 of Nickel Silver frill frets 2,5mm extra hard:

The Set 6 Fret Frill SINTOMS Alpaca 2,5mm extra hard is a set of frets made by the leading manufacturer of frets, SINTOMS. These frets are made of alpaca, also known as German silver, an alloy composed of zinc, copper and nickel with 18% nickel. This makes them extra hard, which means they offer greater durability and corrosion resistance.

Frill frets are the result of SINTOMS studies on how fret design and materials affect the sound of musical instruments. The optimal combination of shape, dimensions and weight of the Frill frets provides a powerful and clear sound throughout the entire sound range of a musical instrument.

What should I consider when choosing a fret size?

The frets are a fundamental part of the instrument and are in constant contact with the player's fingers. This is why their choice will play a very important role in the construction of the instrument.

As far as playability is concerned, two factors must be taken into account: fret height and fret width.

Fret height refers to the distance between the fingerboard and the top of the fret. With higher frets there is less contact between the fingers and the fingerboard. Thus less pressure is needed to sound the notes. This facilitates techniques such as bending and tapping.

On the other hand, fret width refers to the width of the top of the frets. With wider frets the angle between the fingerboard and the top of the fret crown is less. This makes it easier to glide over the fretboard. This contributes to a smoother playing feel when using wider frets. And this, in turn, makes it easier to bend the strings.

Fret tools:

At Maderas Barber you can find a wide variety of tools to help you with fret installation. These tools include fret trimming filesfret cutter discs to create fretboard slotsfret cutters and luthiers' pressure devices. We also offer repair kits and products for polishing and cleaning frets.

In addition, our experts are available to advise you on selecting the right tools and frets for your instrument.


  • Quantity: Set of 12 pieces
  • Size: Jumbo  2,5mm width 130 mm lenght
  • Material: Alpaca composition Nickel 18%.

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SINTOMS Set 12 of Nickel Silver frill frets 2,5mm extra hard

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