Electric G. EXL-110 D D'Addario Strings Set

Electric Guitar EXL110 D'Addario Strings Set

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  • Electric EXL110 D: The EXL110 strings are D'Addario's best-selling set. This set with nickel twist stands out for offering a perfect combination of tone, flexibility and duration. That’s why it has become an industry standard and many manufacturers assemble them as standard on their guitars. Also, this model has become one of the preferred by musicians of all kinds of genres and styles. These strings have a hexagonal core that is wound with a nickel-plated steel alloy to provide its characteristic brightness and excellent timbre. All D'Addario strings are made in the USA and come in a strong wrap to protect the strings from corrosion by the action of the environment.

  • Calibers:

1st Nickel = 0.25 mm

2nd Nickel = 0.33 mm

3rd Nickel = 0.43 mm

4th Nickel = 0.66 mm

5th Nickel = 0.91 mm

6th Nickel = 1,17 mm

  • Tension:

1st: 7.36kg

2nd- 6.98kg

3rd - 7.52kg

4th - 8.34kg

5th - 8.84kg

6ª- 7,67kg

13 Items


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Electric Guitar EXL110 D'Addario Strings Set

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