Liming Brush Chestnut

Chestnut Liming Brush

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  • Description: Specially designed to open the grain of timber prior to liming, without scratching the wood.
    It seems wrong to use abrasive to prepare your work to the smoothest surface possible and then use a wire brush on it…but if you plan to lime it (with either Liming Wax or Gilt Creams) then that’s exactly what we’d suggest!
    The specially crimped metal strands of this brush are designed to pick out the soft open grain of woods such as ash and oak, making the grain deeper and more defined so that more of your chosen wax stays in the grain for a more dramatic contrast look. The close grain areas and much tougher and the Liming Brush will have a negligible to nil effect on them, so contrary to expectations it won’t scratch the wood and ruin all your efforts to get a smooth surface.
    Use the Liming Brush working in the same direction as the grain wherever possible, and clean the wood after using a Tack Cloth.
    The Chestnut Product Liming Brush is made in the UK and is extremely tough and long lasting – the only reason you’ll ever need to buy another one is if you lose it!

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