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AAA Brazilian Lacewood Classical Guitar Sides

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Overview AAA Brazilian Lacewood Classical Guitar Sides:

Looking for a gorgeous and unique wood for your acoustic guitar? Brazilian lacewood is a great candidate. There are several woods to which the lacewood label is applied. In our case, the wood is Nectandra rubra, a tree of the Laurel family.

This wood must be quarter-sawn to produce the beautiful pattern that makes it so desirable. It is a reddish colored wood, ranging from dark orange to reddish brown, always with a pinkish tinge. Of course, the most characteristic feature of its appearance is the tightly clustered speckles that cover its surface. This spectacular mottling is reminiscent of the spots of a leopard. No wonder it is sometimes called leopardwood in the Anglo-Saxon community, although strictly speaking that is the name of another tree whose wood has a similar appearance.

As it has such marked changes in texture, it is necessary to be careful when planing it. Otherwise, it glues, sands and stains very well, and once varnished its appearance is simply amazing. Finally, we cannot overlook the fact that despite being one of the most visually spectacular woods, it is really affordable.

How is Brazilian Lacewood graded?

In AAA grade brazilian lacewood backs you will find the pieces with the most mottled pattern. There are few woods that, once finished, look so incredible. For that reason we believe that a piece of brazilian lacewood may be the best choice for your next guitar.


  • Dimensions: (800x110x3,5mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Nectandra rubra
  • Origin: Tropical South America
  • Density: 770 Kg/m3

Quality grading of our woods

Brazilian Lacewood
21 Items


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AAA Brazilian Lacewood Classical Guitar Sides

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