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Subfret has invented and patented a sound enhancement system for electric guitars that corrects the usual sound imbalance between strings. In addition, the system consists of a metal piece inserted into the guitar that evenly distributes the vibration throughout the instrument, which has a noticeable effect on its sound. It is important to note that this piece is placed between the neck and the body of the guitar, and from it emerge the frets. In turn, between fret and fret are placed individual pieces of wood that form the fretboard of the guitar.

The Subfretboard system: a revolutionary solution for improving the sound of electric guitars

Thus, the system, known as Subfretboard, fuses fretboard, nut and frets in a single piece, which makes it a revolutionary idea to improve the sound of the electric guitar. It is important to highlight that the creator of the system is Javier Alonso, a luthier for almost 30 years, who detected the lack of balance between strings in the electric guitar and decided to look for solutions to improve its sound. In this sense, Alonso met Pablo del Real, who today is his partner in the project, and together they began to develop the Subfretboard system in 2016.


As for the materials used to create the system, the piece is made of an alloy of aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper and small percentages of silicon, manganese, chromium, titanium and other metals, chosen for its moderate price, fatigue resistance compared to other metals, ease of machining and lightness. The Zicral piece extends along the entire length of the neck of the guitar, enters the body of the instrument below the pickups and the frets emerge from it.

Finally, it is important to note that the Subfretboard system is a solution to improve the sound of the electric guitar that has been patented after years of research and experimentation. Its impact in the field of sound physics is due to the strategic shape of the piece that distributes vibration evenly throughout the instrument.

Consequently, with the Subfretboard, the electric guitar obtains greater sound definition, harmonic fullness and volume, which enhances the guitarist's musical experience and the quality of the sound emitted to the audience.

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