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Ayous Asymmetric Body Bass / Electric Guitar

Ayous Asymmetric Body Bass / Electric Guitar

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Overview Ayous Asymmetric Body Bass / Electric Guitar:

Ayous - also known as obeche - is a light-colored, smooth, uniform-grain wood native to Africa. It machines well, be it by sawing, sanding, or scraping. Used for a long time in low-quality guitars, it has gradually emerged as a great, economical choice, similar in tone to mahogany but much more affordable. During the 70's it was used by some british guitar brands such as Shergold and Burns, and nowadays, the prominent builder Paul Reed Smith has used ayous in several of his models.

Its lightness and ease of work and how well it receives dyes are several of its many qualities. Because of its affordability and light weight, it is the ideal candidate to complement one of our many exotic wood Drop Tops, whether you are building a bass or a guitar. Asymmetrical bodies are slightly less expensive than two-piece bodies because one of the two pieces is slightly shorter. Keep that in mind when planning your purchase or designing your guitar or bass. Few tonewoods better for the price.


  • Dimensions: 550/450x160x50mm
  • Botanical Name: Triplochiton scleroxylon
  • Origin: Africa
  • Density: 380 kg/m3

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16 Items


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Ayous Asymmetric Body Bass / Electric Guitar

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