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Blackwood Clarinet Upper Joint 245x38x38 mm

Blackwood Clarinet Upper Joint 245x38x38 mm

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Overview Blackwood Clarinet Upper Joint 245x38x38 mm:

The central part of the clarinet is divided into two parts, upper joint and lower joint. In these two pieces are located the holes, the rings, and the keys and other hardware that allow the movement of these. These two pieces vary in length according to the pitch of the clarinet.

Blackwood is an extremely dense African wood, extremely dark in color with purplish-brown tones. With a fine, straight grain and often unnoticeable pores, it is very easy to obtain an extremely shiny piece without much effort. It has all the ideal mechanical qualities for wind instrument parts: hardness, resistance to humidity, ability to allow holes to be drilled to accommodate the keys, ease of turning... not to mention its spectacular and elegant appearance once it is finished. No wonder it is considered the queen of woods as far as instruments of the woodwind family are concerned.


  • Dimensions: 245x38x38 mm
  • Botanical name: Dalbergia melanoxylon
  • Origin: Africa
  • Density: 1250-1300 Kg/m3

Requires CITES Certificate for export out of the European Union

CITES information

Quality grading of our woods

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50 Items


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Blackwood Clarinet Upper Joint 245x38x38 mm

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