Wood Samples Box



Wood Samples Box of 30 species with their common name in Spanish and English and its botanical name.


Make your choice easier and show the samples to your costumers.




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The Wood Samples Box is a selection of the most used species in the construction of musical instruments, all available in Maderas Barber. This sampler facilitates the recognition, selection and exposure of the different types of wood before working them. With it, you can check the aesthetic and physical characteristics of the wood.


The Sampler includes 30 species with the common name in Spanish and English and with the botanical name. The samples have approximate measurements of 100x75x3,5 mm and correspond to the following woods:


- European Spruce

- Engelmann Spruce

- Curly Maple

- Black Limba

- Bocote

- Bubinga

- Mahogany

- Red Cedar

- Honduras Cedar

- Cypress

- Cocobolo

- Purple Heart

- African Ebony

- Amara Ebony

- Exotic Ebony

- Green Ebony

- Blackwood

- Mexican Granadillo

- American Walnut

- Padouk

- Amazonas Rosewood 

- Indian Rosewood

- Madagascar Rosewood

- Santos Rosewood

- Samanguila African Mahogany

- Sapele

- Sycamore

- Wenge

- Zebrawood

- Ziricote