Back Sycamore Outer Face 0,5 mm. + Sycamore Inner Face (550x400x2,2/2,4 mm.)

Sycamore + Sycamore Plywood Classical Guitar Backs

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Overview Sycamore + Sycamore Plywood Classical Guitar Backs:

The Sycamore + Sycamore Plywood Classical Guitar Backs are one of the most economical pieces in our plywood section. As all the backs of the category, they are composed of 3 pieces, an outer piece of sycamore, an intermediate piece of okume and an inner layer also made of sycamore.

Laminated wood pieces possess some qualities superior to solid woods: great stability and rigidity, as well as being virtually immune to cracking due to their structure and construction. And they do not have to detract from the sound of solid pieces, either. There are many builders today who opt for laminated sides or backs for these and other reasons. Not to mention their economical price, compared to the same solid wood piece. For a fraction of the price of a solid wood piece, you can enjoy spectacularly beautiful woods such as ziricote or pale moon ebony.

The only precaution to be taken with plywood products is the sanding: since they are made up of two outer veneers of 0.5-0.7 mm, excessive sanding could end up showing the intermediate veneer. This is not a problem if we work with high grit sandpaper and due care.

As with all our laminated pieces, the backdrops are glued in our facilities with formaldehyde-free glues that have passed strict technical controls.


  • Dimensions: 550x400x2,2/2,4 mm
  • Botanical Name Outer Layer: Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Botanical Name Middle Layer: Aucoumea klaineana
  • Botanical Name Inner Layer: Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Origin: Center Europe and West Asia / Africa
  • Density: 610–680 Kg/m3

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10 Items


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Sycamore + Sycamore Plywood Classical Guitar Backs

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