Classic G. Sonata Royal Classics Strings Set

Classic Guitar Sonata Royal Classics Strings Set

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  • Classic Sonata: the general recognition of its great quality and sound has created a high petition of a complete set which combines Sonata bass strings and Futura's primes. Complying to this request, we present the complete set which we are sure that will broadly cover the technical and sound needs of the most demanding guitarists.


  • Calibers:

1ªE (transparent nylon) 0,73 mm / .029 ''

2ª B (transparent nylon) 0.83 mm / .033 ''

3rd G (transparent nylon) 1.03 mm / .041 ''

4th D (Silver) 0.78 mm / .031 ''

5th A (Silver) 0.86 mm / .034 ''

6th E (Silver) 1.09 mm / .043 ''

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