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Padauk Bariolé Acoustic Classic...
Padauk Bariolé Acoustic Classic...

Padauk Bariolé Acoustic Classic Guitar Single Back

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Drying process

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  • Dimensions: 550x200/215x4 mm
  • Botanical Name: Pterocarpus soyauxii
  • Origin: Gabon
  • Density: 825 kg/m3
  • Description: Padauk Bariolé is a very rare and exclusive variety of Padauk and it is very uncommon in the market. At a glance it is possible to appreciate the uniqueness of the designs and colors of this wood. The heartwood is an intense red color interlaced with shades of beige and gray, which characterize this spectacular wood. Like Padauk, this is a very easy wood to work with, which produces a clear and clean sound.

    Bariolé will allow you to build unique and precious guitars, with a striking beauty that will distinguish your instrument from all others. 

  • Quality: Backs individual sheets are usually used for making inserts, beaters, guitar headplates, decorations or for 3-pieces backs. They are an economical option for repairs and also for small adjustments on our instruments.  In addition, they are also widely used to practice or test drying, sanding or finishing.

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Padouk Bariolé
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