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Okume Curved Reinforcement (860x15x3mm)

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Overview Okume Curved Reinforcement (860x15x3mm):

Our curved okume linings for acoustic guitars is an excellent choice if you are looking for more stiffness and stability than kerfing would provide. These linings are made by gluing successive 1mm plies of okume, with alternating grain direction between them, giving them a strength and rigidity that is impossible to replicate with solid wood. Despite being made up of multiple pieces, they are extremely light. They easily conform to the dreadnought shape found in many acoustic models. You can choose between poplar and okume for your plywood kerfing. Okume is slightly stiffer and stronger than poplar, though choosing between them is more a matter of aesthetic than functional criteria.


  • Dimensions: 860x15x3mm
  • Botanical Name: Aucomea Klaineana
  • Origin: Central Africa
  • Density: 450 Kg/m3

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20 Items


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Okume Curved Reinforcement (860x15x3mm)

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