Sycamore Pce. 600x160x75mm

Maple Piece 600x160x75 mm

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  • Dimensions: 600x150x75mm
  • Botanical Name: Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Origin: Center and East Europe
  • Density: 610 – 680 kg/m3
  • Description: Maple has, without any doubt, the best density-rigidity relationship. Is a very versatile and required wood, so apart from being used for Archtop Guitar necks, it’s also used for Acoustic and Classic Guitar sounding boards, also for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass Backs, Sides and Necks, and  Electric Guitar and Bass Bodies and Necks. hese items have limited stock and a sale price much lower than their usual price, do not miss the opportunity to take one of the last units.

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