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Migi Japonese Knife
The Japanese knife "Migi" is perfect for carving wood.
Migi Japonese Knife
The Japanese knife "Migi" is perfect for carving wood.

Migi Japonese Knife

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General description of the Migi Japonese Knife:

The Japanese knife "Migi" is perfect for carving wood. Its standard shape and ergonomic design make it comfortable and easy to use, even during long work sessions. Additionally, its sharp blade and durability make it ideal for cutting and carving wood with precision and efficiency. If you are right-handed, this "Migi" knife (which means "right knife") is the perfect choice for you. If you are a luthier and looking for a quality knife for your projects, the Japanese knife "Migi" is an excellent option.

It is made of aogami steel, also known as blue steel. It is an alloy that contains low amounts of phosphorus and sulfur, it contains tungsten and chromium which are added to make the resistance temperature less critical. In this way, wear resistance is increased. This results in longer blade life and greater flexibility.

The rounded shape of the handle adapts to the hand so that it does not get tired when working long hours.

It is an oxidizable steel so it is not recommended to put acid on the knife. In case of doing it clean it as soon as possible with great care. Regarding its daily maintenance it is recommended to clean the shavings and dust and then use a cloth with camellia oil or rust to prevent rust.

Japanese tools for luthier:

We know that tools are very important for a luthier or craftsman when working wood to build instruments, as much or more than the chosen woods, that's why we offer you a great selection of the best Japanese tools for luthier in our tools section.

Among the Japanese tools, one of the most used are the Japanese knives. These knives are considered by many as the best in the market, they are usually beautiful and follow the tradition of forging the famous Japanese swords.

The wood carving knives for musical instruments that we offer are tools with a highly durable steel and water sharpening is recommended. 

Technical features:

  • Size: Overall length 150 mm, blade part length 60 mm, weight 25 g. 
  • Blade material: aogami steel or blue steel, with leather cover
  • Made in Japan

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9 Items


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Migi Japonese Knife

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