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Wenge Bass / Electric Guitar Drop Top

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  • Aproximate measurements: (500/550x170/200x7 mm)x2
  • Botanical name: Milettia laurentii
  • Origin: Central Africa
  • Density: 780-900 kg/m3
  • The Wenge Drop Top for Electric Guitar and Bass is a very good option for those who want to beautify their Guitar Body with a medium thickness (7 mm). When we talk about the Drop Tops we talk about the little sister of the Carved, its function is very similar if not the same, the only difference is that the thickness of the Drop Tops is lower than the Carved one, which makes them cheaper. Their thickness also makes them lighter and moldable. On the other hand, it allows an easier cut than thicker Tops, reducing the weight of the instrument and of course the cost, having at the end a great guitar.
    As for Wenge, is a wood which color varies from dark brown to purplish black with thin brown streaks. It is a very hard and heavy wood, often used in Necks and Fingerboards. Stiff, strong and stable. Due to its large amount of oil reduces high frequencies but surprisingly maintains the definition of notes. The drying rate is slow.


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