Luthier Felipe CondeLuthier Felipe Conde

Nowadays, Luthier Felipe Conde belongs to the third generation of a great guitar-making dynasty that was born in 1882, giving it a new boost and enhancing the hallmarks that have always characterized Conde’s guitars.

His high-end flamenco and classic guitars constitute an icon of the best Spanish handicraft. They are also a warranty of sound, power and quality which is highly recognized all over the world.

Luthier Felipe Conde nowadays

“In 2010, in the midst of my personal and professional maturity I decided to embark on a new era together with my son and daughter Felipe Jr. and María, with great energy and excitement.

The memory of my father is very much present at this time. From him I learned everything there is to know about this trade, and above all, the taste for a job well done as well as fostering a close relationship with the artist.

I come from a family tradition where I gained decades of experience and acquired a passion for this trade. I began my apprenticing at the 7 Gravina St. workshop in 1971 when I was only 14 years old. I was taught the art of guitar building principally by my father Mariano and my uncle Faustino, combining this work with my studies. At this time I got the chance to get acquainted with guitar players such as Niño Ricardo, Regino Sainz de la Maza, Sabicas, Mario Escudero, Melchor de Marchena, Paco de Lucía and many more. A close relationship with the artists is something that drives my passion for this trade and also the constant improvement of the instrument.

At this new stage of our history I am accompanied by my son and daughter Maria and Felipe Jr., they have both been apprenticing at the workshop for several years now. Being able to teach my son and daughter what I am most passionate about is both a privilege and source of great pride. María and Felipe are very much implicated at the workshop and have chosen this trade as their future calling. They built several guitars already and are slowly developing their own style underpinned by the great tradition that precedes them.

Since 2010 the workshop has moved to 4 Arrieta St. very close to the 2 Felipe Vº St. workshop. The new space is intimate and ideal for any professional or aficionado who wishes to test out the guitars and see firsthand the process of guitar construction”.

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