A Cocobolo Electric Guitar Fingerboard

A Cocobolo Electric Guitar Fingerboard

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Overview A Cocobolo Electric Guitar Fingerboard:

A Cocobolo Electric Guitar Fingerboard is a piece of a very hard wood, native to Central and South America, with a range of colors from a vibrant orange to a very dark brown, with all shades in between. Marked streaks that form beautiful patterns are also common. Some pieces even have purple tones and the use of pieces with some sapwood, in a beautiful vanilla color, is also common in luthiery. Few woods are as beautiful as cocobolo, which only needs to be carefully glued due to the high presence of natural oils.

How is cocobolo classified?

In the A Cocobolo electric guitar fingerboard we will find pieces only slightly less striking than those of AAA grade, either because the colors are not so vivid or heterogeneous, the grain is a little less straight... even so we find pieces of intense and attractive colors, with all the hardness and stability required for this critical part as is the fretboard of the guitar. Guitars that by no means discredit quality guitars.


  • Dimensions: 530x75x9 mm
  • Botanical Name: Dalbergia retusa
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Density: 990–1250 Kg/m3

Requires CITES Certificate for export out of the European Union

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131 Items


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A Cocobolo Electric Guitar Fingerboard

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