This precious and coveted wood originates from Madagascar.
Fingerboard for electric guitar Bois...
This precious and coveted wood originates from Madagascar.

Fingerboard for electric guitar Bois de Rose

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This precious and coveted wood originates from Madagascar. The unique Bois de Rosewood belongs to the Dalbergia genus and is an exotic wood highly prized for its stunning appearance and acoustic characteristics.

Characteristics of Bois de Rosewood

Bois de Rosewood (Dalbergia Maritima) is characterized as a hard and resistant wood.

In terms of sound, it can be compared to Dalbergia Baroni and Dalbergia Nigra.

Bois de Rosewood has an incredibly fine grain and is suitable for the manufacture of musical instruments, including guitar backs and wind instruments.

It has a vibrant magenta or reddish-violet color in the heartwood, sometimes with darker violet-black lines. Its overall color tends to darken with age, evolving to a dark purple almost black.

Bois de Rose is an excellent wood for turning. It turns and finishes well, and acquires a high natural luster. Oil finishes should be avoided unless you want to darken the wood to an almost black color.


Bois de Rose is a very exclusive and highly sought-after wood due to its limited marketing of it following the export freeze at the source.

Our stock of this wood comes from a unique opportunity to purchase an old stock stored in the European Union.

It is a wood listed in Appendix II of CITES under the restriction that affects most of the genera of Dalbergia species.

At Maderas Barber, we are committed to nature and that's why we need to guarantee that the wood comes from sustainable and legal sources and that it has been treated respecting the environment, biodiversity, and the regenerative capacity of the forests.


What is the function of the fingerboard in the instrument?

The fingerboard is an essential part of the electric guitar. The pressure of the fingers and the friction of the strings are constant. Therefore, the wood used for this element must be very hard.


Technical specifications:

  • Product:  Fingerboard for electric guitar 
  • Size: 530x75x9mm
  • Botanical Name: Dalbergia Marítima
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Density: 930 kg/m3

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Bois de Rose
18 Items



Brilliant hue of redness. I love it.

One of a kind

I love the hue of redness of this fretboard

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Fingerboard for electric guitar Bois de Rose

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