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Sustainability in the timber industry is an issue of great importance, and at Maderas Barber we take our commitment to using sustainable and legal woods very seriously. Nature and wood are our great passions, which is why we strive to ensure that the woods we use meet high sustainability standards.

Our commitment to the environment starts with our catalog, where we include a wide variety of 100% FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and CITES certified products. We know that illegal logging is a problem that causes serious economic, environmental and social impacts, so we fight against it and ensure that all our wood comes from legal sources.

Why is Fijian mahogany ideal for the construction of musical instruments?

In this post we want to talk about a special wood that we have added to our catalog: Fijian mahogany. This type of mahogany is known for its beauty, durability and resistance, which makes it ideal for the construction of instruments, especially guitars.

Fijian mahogany is a durable wood, with a reddish color that varies from light to dark red. This wood is highly valued for its stability and its ability to retain its shape and color. 

In addition, Fijian mahogany is a very versatile wood, which can be easily worked and is very resistant to moisture and wear.

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What does Fijian mahogany sound like?

This wood offers a warm sound, very clean and rich in mids and lows. It has a medium weight and medium hardness. A fine wood, widely used in Gibson (Les Paul and S.G), Ibanez and Parker models.

One of the particularities of mahogany wood is that it offers a sound with a lot of sustain, body and plenty of bass. It is a highly recommended wood for electric guitar bodies.

Due to its warmth, it has been a wood widely used for decades in the construction of acoustic instrument necks.

Likewise, Fijian mahogany has an interlocked grain like other tonewoods such as Sapelli, which generates beautiful golden reflections on its surface.

As for finishes, instead of using a spray primer on mahogany, due to its porosity, it is better to apply a pore filler. This will plug the pores of the wood without adding thickness to the finished surface, which will allow for a better sound. Mahogany has a medium dark brown color that is not suitable for dark or translucent solid colors such as black or cherry, but it can be lightened with specific fading techniques.

Explore the combination of beauty and strength of Fijian mahogany wood products at Maderas Barber.

In Maderas Barber, we are very proud to offer you Fijian Mahogany. We have incorporated this wood to our catalog and we offer a wide variety of products made of this wood for classical, archtop and acoustic guitars such as sides, backs, necks and necks, as well as bodies for electric guitars and basses.                  

The incorporation of this new wood to our catalog is a way to offer you a more sustainable and responsible alternative for the construction of your musical instruments.

You can purchase our products on our website or if you prefer, you can come and visit us at our physical store located in Paterna (Valencia, Spain), we will be happy to receive you. In addition, we ship anywhere in the world, so wherever you are, we will make sure you have the best tonewoods to build musical instruments.

Do I need a CITES permit to buy Fijian mahogany?

This timber is a mahogany species native to Fiji and is not endangered nor does international trade pose a threat to the survival of the species. Therefore, Fijian mahogany does not require a CITES permit for international trade as it is not listed as a protected species under CITES.

In addition, the Fijian government has a Forest management policy that allows for the sustainable management of Fijian mahogany. The plantation is controlled by the government, which is responsible for monitoring the growth of the trees and ensuring that they are cut responsibly.

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