Bernat Mercader opens the door to the exciting world of Chip Carving.

We continue our cycle of Interviews in Maderas Barber and this time the search takes us to an artisan of Chip Carving, a carving technique that is gaining popularity betting on the beauty of a simple technique.

That is why we coordinated this call with Bernat Mercader ( @woodberncarvings ), a Chip Carving referent. Through his work as a craftsman, education and dissemination in social networks, Bernat has gained much popularity in the sector.

Bernat Mercader, between Break Dance and Craftsmanship

We meet early and Bernat does everything he can to make room in his busy schedule. The chat begins in a relaxed manner, we ask him about the origin of his love of wood carving and his answer is, to say the least, a big surprise.

For Bernat Mercader, wood carving and chip carving are intimately related to his other passion in life, break dancing. In fact, his first jobs and his first clients came from this area. He insists on the importance of an integrated approach to the profession.

Design and Geometry on wood

Geometry seems to be a fundamental basis for woodcarving designs. Although Bernat assures that he never got along well with this practice and that he just came to it as a result of a teaching need.

You can learn more about this topic in the course that Bernat Mercader has on the Domestika Platform and also browse his instagram profile, where you can find a lot of content dedicated to chip carving. Here you can see the design templates that Bernat generates and how they look like once applied to the wood.

Chip Carving, a trendy technique

In this third part of the interview Bernat goes even deeper into wood carving and Chip Carving, shows us some of his creations and shares information about his technique and the types of finishes he usually uses.

He also pauses for a moment to reflect on the importance of being able to learn live, alongside someone with more experience! While he teaches through an online course and has explored the possibilities of the method very well, he knows that workshop experience is necessary and can make a significant change in the quality of the work.

He emphasizes that the artisan, from his knowledge, can provide a lot of information to the student in a live exchange. Corrections of posture and handling of the tool are some of the things that do not end up being solved in a digital content.

Is it possible to start a business as a wood craftsman?

In the fourth and final part of the interview, we move away from wood carving to focus on a very important aspect of our business. Bernat gives us his perspective as an entrepreneur and emphasizes the need to have a good communication space through social networks. 

At the end of the interview, he comments on the need to be able to project his activity and thus remain in an active search that fills his day-to-day life with emotion.

Bernat Mercader's proposal seems fantastic to us, chip carving is an excellent method to enter the world of wood carving. His course presents it in a simple, dynamic, fun and, of course, extremely accessible way.

If you are looking for woods for your carvings remember that you can visit our online store, in the section Woods for Lathe and Carving you will find a large number of varieties and sizes. You can also see gouges, chisels, bastrens and a lot of other tools in the Accessories section.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you!

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