Ruby Color Natural Oil Base

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  • Natural oils 100% ecologic
  • Environment y health friendly. 0% toxic emissions (0% VOC)

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A new range of naturals oils 100% ecologics

  • DescriptionRubio® Color Base is an oil-based pre-colour, which always needs to be used in combination
    with Varnish, which provides colouring and protection. Just like the other Rubio
    Monocoat oils, the Rubio Color Base works according to our well-known technology of
    molecular bonding. That is how this product makes it possible to colour the surface in a
    simple way, in one coat, without risk of overlaps.
    In combination with Varnish, we are offering a system that allows you to colour
    and protect a wooden surface in 2 days, without intermediate sanding.
  • Unique characteristics: 
    Technology of molecular bonding, just like Natural Oil Finished.
    Colours the surface in one single coat
    ∙ 9 colours
    Environmentally friendly: 0% VOC!
    Easy to apply; no starting marks or overlaps
    Short drying time; Varnish can already be applied after 12 hrs
    Does not roughen the surface, so intermediate sanding is not required!
  • Technical characteristics:
    Physical state: Liquid
    Colour: Various
    Odour: Oily
    Density: > 0,9 kg/l
  • StorageThe product can be stored for 36 months in a dry place and it is original packaging.
    Keep frost-free.
  • PackagingBottle of 100 ml / Can of 1 L
  • Available colours: Charcoal, Citrine, Chocolate, Emerald, Ruby, Invisible, Transparent, Midnight Indigo, Cinnamon Brown.

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  • Instructions for use:

∙ STEP 1. Untreated wood: sand the surface and ensure it is scratch-free. Vacuum thoroughly and remove dust residue.
∙ STEP 2. Once the cleaned surface is dry, distribute a small amount of Rubio Color Base on it. Work in 5 - 10 m² zones.2.
∙ STEP 3. Let it absorb for a few minutes. Thoroughly remove all excess oil within 15 minutes, per zone. The surface needs to feel dry to the touch! Finish all zones the same way.
∙ STEP 4. Let the surface dry for 12 hours. The exact drying time depends on the subsurface, wetting, temperature and ventilation.
∙ STEP 5. Apply any Varnish (not included) in 2 coats 

  • Tips & Tricks:
    The product can never be diluted under any circumstances!
    Stir the product well before application. When using several cans on one site, it is recommended to mix them for an even result.
    Non-covering, non-film-forming application!
  • Consumption30 - 50 m²/L, depending on wood type, sanding and application method.

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