Japanese Multiple Whetstone 8000 Grain

Japanese Multiple Whetstone 8000 Grain

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  • Technical characteristics:

o Made of aluminium oxide abrasive

o 1000 grain stone, composed of silicon carbide particles

o Sharpening stone to water

  • Dimensions: 100x50x10x3 mm
  • Description: In the West, these stones are generally known as King Tiger Sun stones. The stones in this series have a relatively soft bond, which allows the abrasives to be continuously active during use, making the stone really very effective. These stones are particularly suitable for very hard low carbon alloy steels and extremely hard steels. The shape of this stone makes it particularly suitable for sharpening the inner parts of "v" gouges and curved gouges thanks to its curved profile that decreases from 10 to 3 mm in diameter.
    Like the vast majority of Japanese stones, it must be fully immersed in water for at least 15 minutes before use, and can also be stored in water permanently.


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